Chocolate Hamper CH003

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Chocolate Hamper CH003
Chocolate Hampers Delivery for all Occasions 1) Daiana Coffee Break 100g 2) Ferrero Rocher 24 pcs 3) Seasons of love 30g x 4 pcs 4) BONZ DARK CHOCOLATE 88g 5) BONZ DARK CHOCOLATE ( Mango ) 88g 6) BONZ ALMOND WHITE COFFE COOKIES 70g 7) SWEET HEART CHOCO BEANS 100g 8) DANISH BUTTER COOKIES 450g 9) GIOVANNI CHOCO COOKIES 100g 10) Moroll Wafer Rolls 90g NOTE: Due to inconsistent market conditions, we might replace any items with another of equivalent value in view of stock availability without prior notice.
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